Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Third Times the Charm!

This is the 3rd blog I've created -- if you searched and you'd find my attempts at blogging. The first was an attempt to tap into my knowledge and background as a former Physical Education teacher. I am new to staying home after working for the past six years as a high school teacher and coach.  In this adjustment there have been days where I would've begged to go back to school! So this first blog was an attempt to still use the teacher part of my brain and find fun ways to get my kids moving. After seeing first hand how many kids and teenagers hate to move and are overweight I know I want to do everything I can to have kids that love to move and are healthy. My second was a food blog because I LOVE reading food blogs, I love trying new recipes and most imporantly I LOVE eating the food I cook/bake! So, there you have it - 2 things I am passionate about and love to do. Today, while I was wasting time on the computer I saw a wonderful friend had posted something she made on her blog and then posted it on Pinterest (Don't even get me started on Pinterest, I'll do an entire post on it someday). She was my inspiration for trying it a third time and finding something that would allow me to encompass all the things I want to share with friends and family. LindsayNicoleLove is the name of the store I also have and I decided it was perfect for sharing my loves ( all of them) in one place.

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